Wednesday, 7 December 2011

IGM - Riding The Space Wave: Ryan Vandendyck On Waveform

Eden Industries is a newly formed independent game studio on the block, currently hard at work on their debut game, Waveform. Completely unlike anything we have ever seen before, Waveform has you controlling the amplitude and wavelength of a wave of light as it travels through space. The idea is collect and void certain objects along the way; the game is simple but progression bleeds into a steadily growing complexity.

 The game’s head developer Ryan Vandendyck found the time in his busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about Waveform; everything from how it started off as a part time project to it’s final destination on Steam in February 2012. Read on to find out how, of all things, Mario helped shape Waveform to what it is today, as well as how important community feedback was to altering the design and ideas present in Waveform.

IGM - Pudding Panic Review

For once, I saw a wobbly green jelly and I didn’t immediately want to just gobble it all up. Instead, Pudding Panic‘s frightened (and tasty) protagonist has my deepest sympathies. The poor little bugger never knew how terrified he would be as he alighted the haunted house ride of his greatest nightmares. If it was possible to hug a jelly without destroying it, then I definitely would. The best that we can all do though, is to help him get through the ride without being scared to death; such is the premise of Pudding Panic.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Hooked Gamers - Why Naughty Dog(s) Shouldn't Play With Guns

Since debuting with Crash Bandicoot in 1996, Naughty Dog have gone from strength to strength and have picked up quite the following on the way. With three well-loved franchises under their belt, history suggests that their next move is to create another new franchise. What that might be, I can only guess at but whichever direction they decide to go, I’m hoping that they drop guns completely in their next game. Why? Because they don’t do guns all that well, because it is beginning to spoil my fun and because they have a track record of making great games that focused on other things than guns.

Hooked Gamers - Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

As a whole generation of gamers grows older, we can mark this year as a threshold. It is the swivel point at which we filter out old gaming practices from earlier decades, in a harsh but fair sentiment. As part of this, we all desperately placed our hopes in Duke Nukem Forever to prove that the classic first-person shooter can be brought with us into the forthcoming decade. Disgracefully, it only moved towards hammering another nail in the coffin. Due to this mishap, it seems that Serious Sam 3 may be the last chance for the classic uber-masculine, twitch shooter to survive the cull. All that back-pedalling does not exactly get us started in the right direction though.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

IGM - Waves Review

Rolling around in digital excrement may not be the best way to describe Waves. Perhaps surfing the ripples of electronic water, or riding the silky flow of the River Lethe. Ah yes, that would do; for supping from Waves would induce a certain forgetfulness due to its epileptic, tooty-fruity extravagance, as was the suffering of those who drank from the Lethe. Genius.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hooked Gamers - What Type Of Skyrim Player Are You?

Bethesda's magnum opus, Skyrim, is one of the most vast cRPG's ever made. With a huge variety of things to do, and just so much of it, there are clearly several different ways to play the game. It's a tradition with RPG's to cast player's into different categories. See if you spot any similarities in your own play style with the few we have listed below. Keep in mind what this may say of your own personality as well.

IGM- Saving Morons To Save The Industry: Simon Dean On Folk Tale

Being part of the game development industry as it was just blooming, Simon Dean was disappointed when budgets began to soar, risk taking went amiss and creativity dwindled. Recent trends and available avenues in indie development ignited that spark of enthusiasm once again though, and Simon was encouraged to create his very own development studio called Games Foundry, despite being absent from the scene for over a decade. The recently formed collaboration of developers under Simon have been working on their first project and are just starting to unveil its shining glory unto the world. Folk Tale is a comedy, fantasy RTS that has its players attempting to save a town of morons from themselves, as well as the tide of monsters ready to bash their thick heads in.