Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hooked Gamers - From Dust Review

Many a year has passed since us mortals have had a chance to take the reins as a mighty deity. Over the years our hands have caused the destruction of civilisations, foiled the plans of overzealous dictators, and created tropical paradises. Quite rightly, the ‘god’ sub-genre of games is a much sought after one, especially as they crop up infrequently and are rarely fun to play when they do. This is why From Dust will immediately grab the attention of the needy and the desperate; those long awaiting souls grasping for a sense of power. Using a well-known formula, From Dust manages to weave its own take on the genre to a pleasant result. The focus of the game is not so much on creating your tribe or civilisation and then taking control over all of the land for yourself. Instead, players partake in what can only be described as an epic battle between a god and Mother Nature.


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