Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hooked Gamers - The Book of Unwritten Tales Preview

“Nobody can die in this game!” moans Death as he sits atop a crate, kicking his pink bunny slippers to and fro. He continues to complain about his destitute situation; finding himself in a point-and-click adventure rather than a role-playing game in which hundreds of rats are killed before even reaching level two. Confused by Death’s references to ‘the game,’ Wilbur the Gnome exits the miserable conversation that he describes as “deathly unhappy.” As soon as those words exit his lips he turns to the player and apologizes for the terrible pun and claims it will not happen again. Moments like this epitomize my love of graphic adventure games. The Book of Unwritten Tales marks a glorious return to the root of their existence. It is a breed of game that is best described as the love child of Lord of the Rings and Monkey Island.


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