Friday, 21 October 2011

IGM - Orcs Must Die! Review

Spiky floor or wall-mounted blades? Which would spice up the castle interior more? This is not a sadistic version of The Sims at discussion here. No. This concerns the art of orc killing; a most vivacious sport to suit any young, sprightly mage. In Orcs Must Die, the consideration of your interior design is a most vital practice, especially as you will be spraying chunks of green flesh and red gore all over the walls. Good luck removing those stains. You could look upon the struggle of the last survivor of the Order as he battles a massive army of orcs as quite epic. But the truth of the matter is, there is way too much fun to be had here than to worry about whether you are fighting for some noble cause. Blood squelching, skull crushing fun, that is.

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